Welcome to Brontide

We are a multi-faceted technology led intelligence and security consultancy. We protect and inform corporations, governments and non-government entities with perpetual risk mitigation.

what we do

Tick Tock.

As you read this sentence you are missing out on a wealth of temporal data that sits within the public domain.

Since our inception we have been relentless in our pursuit of exposing so called unknown unknowns for our clients.

Utilising scientific methodology underpinned by intelligence analysis principles, we specialise in turning unstructured, unknown data in to insights powered by in-house algorithmic development and customer interaction.

Who are we?

We’ve developed and honed our skillsets during global military operations where harnessing data gave us the advantage we needed to succeed.

We are a mixed cohort of scientists, engineers, artists, linguists and misfits. But what we do, we do incredibly well, and for those things that seem out of your reach, we may just be able to bring them a step closer.

Brief Service Overview

Corporate Intelligence

We investigate individuals, groups and entities worldwide. We are renowned for our flexibility, fast paced mobilisation and our global reach…

Our in-house intelligence platforms ensure we have access to accurate, timely and effective information regardless of operating environment.

Cyber Sanity Checks

Think you are covered? Have CCTV or use a VPN? We guarantee there is information out there about you…

Our sanity checks not only highlight your exposure but allow us manage it, regardless of how large your organisation is. Our capability allows us to go far beyond what the average cyber company has access to, including the ability to trace.

Training & Mentorship

Cutting edge intelligence, Cyber intelligence and operational intelligence tradecraft

We provide some of the world’s leading tradecraft in the form of engaging, practical and unique courses.

All of our instructors are ex Operator with a significant amount of experience.

Information Operations

A niche area of intelligence led operations is Information Operations.

Understanding the Technical Terrain, Human Terrain and Threat Picture is essential prior to any deployment be it civilian or military. Understanding the power of narrative is paramount but also how to counter it.

Brontide creates unique pre-deployment packages with unrivaled levels of detail covering geographic infrastructure, capability and demographics.

For customers concerned with corporate competition, geographic resource monitoring or developing political situations, we harness SOCMED and OSINT to compliment our core functions for intelligence start points.

For further information please contact us with your requirements


Tricks of the trade and knowldge exchange is essential for any corporation operating in uncertain markets or foreign territory. Brontide has a selection of upskilling CPD courses to compliment our client’s exising skill sets.

All courses use real world scenarios to galvanise participant’s knowledge with their new skills gained through structured sessions.


Brontide’s OSINT course is 1 week long and fully harnessed open source data underpinned by operational intelligence framework.

Participants will walk away with a wealth of skills and resources.

Data Science

Our data science course combines SOCMED and OSINT with entry level coding skills to provide participants with key capability enhancing skills.

Participants will walk away with entry level knowledge of Python, Java Script, data structures and more.

Remote Sensed Imagery
This course is one of the only courses to exist in the UK, specially aimed at intelligence gathering for tactical and strategic purposes.

Participants will walk away with unique knowledge of harnessing European Space Agency software and high resolution imagery.