Welcome to Brontide

We are a collective of all source intelligence analysts specialising in land, sea and air environments, providing you with near-realtime insights in to emerging global situations.

what we do

Uknown Unknowns…

Twitter, Facebook etc. we all know form part of daily rituals with oodles of data spilling in to the public domain.

But what about the data you do not know exists? Brontide fuses existing signatures that are commonplace with those niche data sets that reveal a wealth of detail about a person, place or situation.

Imagery Intelligence

We have access to some of the most detailed remote sensed imagery in the world. So if you want to understand what is being built under trees, detecting maritime activity or figuring out what land is being used for a particular purpose, we provide you with the ground truth on an on-going basis.

Find out what Synthetic Aperture Radar imagery can do for you please contact us.



in-house is the backbone to our capability success
Our data acquisition, exploitation and dissemination tools are all created in house

forensic research

scalable is the way forward
whilst we may be requested to investigate one selector, this rapidly grows to tens or hundreds, our cloud infrastructure is highly adaptable


causality and the future
exploiting big data is a tough task, but Brontide has developed a unique global measurement tool called dovetail that can provide realtime understand

Why we are unique

We’ve earned our skillsets during military operations where data put us ahead. Regardless of the available data today, we concentrate on undersranding your problem sets to ensure you have an on going understanding of the data and situations.

For those things that seem out of reach, we may just be able to take you there.

have you seen…

Data is for everyone, that’s why we share our sources and resources. If you need help or assistance exploiting this data please contact us.

Threat Post

Up to date global Cyber threats including threat type, intended targets and methods


No Twitter Account? No problem check out the global heatmap for the past 30 days tweets


See who’s been running / Cycling or Canoeing around your location, or anywhere in the world…